How To Download Movies And Tv Shows From Hulu?

Hulu is the top choice among video streaming services. It is loaded with an extensive library of TV shows and movies. Enjoy Hulu comfortably sitting on your couch with a bucket full of popcorn. Our endless list of movies and TV shows would certainly woo your weekends. Now you do not need to worry about the internet connection as Hulu is available offline. This feature was added to Hulu in 2019 to ensure a seamless watching for all our viewers. Now you can simply download your favorite shows and movies on your smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc, and enjoy watching them when there isn’t a reliable internet connection. So don’t forget to take your favorite movie offline with you next time you board a flight. Is buffering interrupting your video experience too frequently, then simply download the video and go offline.

 Your downloads would be available for 30 long days. Watch as per your convenience. You can store as many as 5 downloads at a particular time on one device. Once you click the play button, timeframe shrinks significantly to 48hrs. If you don’t watch in that time frame, you have to renew the content as download expires.

Hulu uses standard Revolution by default, which is the most efficient downloading option for viewers as it takes less time and storage. You can also adjust the video quality manually by switching to high quality. A high-quality video resolution would take a longer time to download and consume more space. You can do this by clicking on the download button present in the navigation bar, then tap the gear icon and select the video quality setting on the following screen. Then you can select standard or high-quality video.

 Downloading movies and TV shows on Hulu is a cakewalk. Follow these steps to take your video offline:-

Step 1:- Open the Hulu app.

Step 2:- Tap the search icon present in the global navigation.

Step 3:- Mention the episodes or movie you want to download.

Step 4:- Tap the circular down arrow icon. The downloading will start.

Note:- The download icon would be next to each episode and in case of movies it would be displayed beneath the watch movie button.

Step 5:- Go back to the main page and tap on the download section after downloading is complete.

Step 6:- Your download would be visible there.

Step 7:- Tap on it to watch your favorite movie or Tv show.

Step 8:- You can also go through its description by tapping the icon next to the episode.

Your download is complete furthermore after watching the movie or Tv show you can delete by selecting the delete download titled icon.


How To Fix Hulu Error 503 From The Streaming Screen?

Hulu is the most innovative online streaming service company. With an ever-increasing family of satisfied customers, we aim to provide the best services to you. In this blog, we will help you to fix the whole error code 503 while streaming. When the Hulu server is not working properly or when you are experiencing some issues with outrage Hulu error code 503 may occur. The site may be shut down for maintenance or their heavy traffic on our website can also be the reason for error 503. You can get this error on any browser and operating system be it Windows, Mac, Linux, and even on smartphones. All the devices which are connected with the internet can experience Hulu error 503 on the streaming screen. Here is a full guide to help you fix Hulu error code 503 from the streaming screen:-

  • Refresh the Hulu page and try opening the Hulu URL again. You can refresh the page also by pressing F5 and Ctrl key.
  • If the problem still persists, there may be a high possibility that the server is not working. Our technical executives might be working for the maintenance of the site. Wait for sometime the problem might settle.
  • Restart or reboot your device.
  • If there is a problem with the Hulu website, by restarting or by rebooting your devices the issue of Hulu error 503 would resolve. But if there is some problem with the DNS setting you must contact your internet service provider.
  • Note:- You can pick a new DNS server from the public or free DNS server list if the error or service outrage problem occurs even after restarting or rebooting your devices.
  • To get rid of this error you can reach out to the Hulu support team. Our technical support associates will hear you out and solve your problem that is being displayed on the streaming screen. You can also leave your query on any social account link provided on the main website. Furthermore, you can also have a look at the comment section on the Facebook, Twitter page, etc to see customers review regarding How to solve Hulu error 503 from the streaming screen as this would also provide you a solution for the same.

Hope this blog was capable of resolving your problem. We’ll not stop until all your queries are solved. We are working hard everyday to make your experience with Hulu even better.


How To Cancel Your Hulu Subscription

Hulu runs on all your devices be it your Android phone, iPhone, PlayStation, and many others. To cancel Hulu subscription you need to follow different steps on different devices. Here is a step-by-step illustration that would help you to cancel your Hulu subscription easily and anytime. You will lose access and no longer would be charged. We hope to see you soon.

On Computer

  • Step 1:-  Open a web browser
  • Step 2:- Go to
  • Step 3:– Sign in by filling all the credentials
  • Step 4:- Select your name on the right corner
  •  Step 5:- From the down menu select account
  •  Step 6:- Under your subscription menu select cancel
  • Step 7:- Another window will open where you need to provide the reason for cancellation. Select one of the bubbles.
  •  Step 8:- Then select continue to cancel.

In case of Hulu App


  • Step 1:- Select setting App
  • step 2:- Select your Apple ID
  • Step 3:- Select subscription
  • step 4:- Select Hulu under active
  • step 5:- Select cancel subscription

For Android

  • Step 1:- Open Hulu App
  • Step 2:- Login
  • Step 3:- From the bottom right corner of the screen select account 
  • Step 4:- Select update information
  • Step 5:- From the bottom of the screen select delete my account
  • Step 6:- Enter your email address
  • Step 7:- To confirm select yes, delete my account

On Web

  • Step 1:- Open on the web browser
  • Step 2:- Login from the right corner
  • Step 3:- Select your name in the top right corner
  •  Step 4:- Select account
  •  Step 5:- Select cancel after scrolling to the bottom of the screen
  • Step 6:- Provide a reason for cancellation
  • Step 7:- Select continue to cancel

On Playstation 4

  • Step 1:- On Home screen select setting
  • Step 2:- Select account management
  • Step 3:- Select account information
  • Step 4:- To manage your Hulu subscription select Playstation subscription

On iTunes

  • Step 1:- Open iTunes and select the account menu
  • Step 2:- Login to your Apple ID if prompted after selecting view my account
  • Step 3:- Scroll down to setting section, then select manage next to the subscription
  • Step 4:- Select edit next to Hulu
  • Step 5:- You will be directed to a new page where you can cancel your subscription

After canceling and deleting the account your account would remain to be activated until the current billing cycle ends. Ending your relationship with Hulu is not easy. In case you are not sure to cancel your Hulu subscription you can pause it for a period of 12 weeks and then you can reactivate your account again to watch your favorites movies and shows.


How To Fix Hulu Error Code 502?

Did Hulu error 502 interrupt your gleeful time?  Are you not able to watch your favorite movies, shows, etc because of this error not to worry anymore? You might encounter Hulu error 502 in your smooth streaming. When an invalid response is received from another server on the internet it results in Hulu error 502. It is an HTTP status code. Hulu error 502 may occur due to the following reasons:-

  1. Server Failure:- Hulu 502 Bad Gateway error occurs when the site crashes or shut down for routine maintenance.
  2. DNS Change:- DNS is the communication link between domain names and IP addresses. During server migration domains need to change the Domain Name System. It takes time to activate completely.
  3. Origin Server Isn’t Working:- When the server might be down you may face Hulu error 502. Connectivity issues or heavy traffic can also be the reason for the server.
  4.  Server transmission is blocked by Firewall:- The main aim of the Firewall is to provide protection. It blocks transmission between servers. In this process Firewall sometimes can block secure contents as it might consider it to be malicious.

Curbing Hulu error 502  is not a Herculean task. We ensure you that your issue would be resolved by the following methods:-

  • Reload The Page:- When you encounter Hulu error 502 reload the page as sometimes the server connectivity issues are resolved just by this simple step.
  • Clear Your Cache And Cookies:- If Hulu error code 502 occurs clear your cache and cookies as then loading times will become faster. Cookies keep records of what you like, where you have been on the site etc whereas Caches equates to speed.
  • Look For Server Connectivity Issue:- If the server is down for maintenance or due to any other reason Hulu err on 502 may occur. You have to wait for the server to finish maintenance or fix the problem causing the error. This is the only solution to such a problem.
  • Check DNS Changes:- Hulu error 502 can occur if the host is changed or the website is moved to a different IP address. This will make changes to the website DNS server.  It takes a few hours to change DNS fully.
  • Sift Through Your Logs:- Server logs provide information about the server’s health and status. Sift through them to decode any such error and respond to any alarming information.
  • Contact Your Website Administrator Or Internet Service Provider:- If the problem still persists then contact your website administrator or internet service, provider. They may be able to resolve this error.

We ensure that all customers are able to resolve their problems with Hulu in the most effective and efficient manner as resolving all your issues are our priority.


How To Connect Hulu With Fire TV Stick

Life has always been very busy for all. Everyone keeps rushing, to fulfill their targets. In the middle of this ” hushed and bushel,” one feels relaxed in their own residence with, Amazon fire stick which is a portable device on which Hulu is available which adds the cherry on the top of the cake. You get the latest version of the Hulu app with improved design and feel. Hulu the provider of the latest streaming library is now on the most efficient video streaming device the Fire TV Stick. The two go hand in hand to fulfill one’s desire to have everything under one roof.  People love to have everything under their control.  This latest app has everything from live TV to Premium add ons. Enjoy unlimited movies, drama, suspense, horror, and much more with the comfort of your living room.

Since our launch in 2007, we tried to provide the most amazing services. When it comes to the market of video streaming we stand out because of our on-demand and most convenient means of watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

One need not put in much effort to download nor to sign up to Hulu. This feature makes it one of the most effective user-friendly device. It is loved by all. People of all ages are able to use it with ease whether it is the grandparents or the little ones. Follow the following steps to watch Hulu on your firestick:-

  1. Switch on your TV.
  2. Connect Fire TV Stick with the internet.
  3. Type Hulu on the search many.
  4.  Select on the Hulu app and click get.
  5. The app would be available on the home screen after downloading completes.
  6.  Click on the app and fill all the credentials.
  7.  Now Hulu is already to amuse you.

Our blog will even help you to install and run the Fire Tv Stick on your Tv.

Fire TV stick is a portable video streaming device. Fire Stick brings together all your family environment in one place. By following steps you can connect Fire Tv Stick:-

Step 1-  Plug the Fire TV stick in the HDMI port of your TV.

 Step 2- Switch on the TV and choose the HDMI port in which you have plugged in the Fire Stick.

Step 3-  Connect to FS.

 Step 4- Ensure that FS is connected with a good internet speed.

 Step 5- After FS opens login with your Amazon account.


How to Change Your Hulu Plan?

We provide a large variety of plans through which our customers can choose the most appropriate plan for themselves. We give immense flexibility to our customers to change their plans easily and anytime. Every plan is specially designed to fulfill the desire of the customers. Some of the plans offered by Hulu are:-

  1. Basic Hulu Plan:- Basic Hulu Plan is the most popular Hulu plan. In this plan you get access to a rotating selection of on-demand movies, TV shows, and Hulu original series, making it the most loved plan. It is available at a pocket-friendly price of $ 5.99 per month which makes the star of Hulu. Getting unlimited access to the Hulu library at such an affordable price is a gift for all TV lovers.
  2. Ad-Free Hulu Plan:- Hate interrupting ads? then, Hulu ad-free plan is the best for you. Stream all your shows without any obstruction of ads. Enjoy new releases without any ad break at just $ 11.99 per month. This plan is the best choice if you use Hulu frequently, and watch hour-long shows too.
  3. Hulu + Live TV:- This plan offers live TV streaming services, many sports, and news channels. This plan also provides a cloud-based DVR. Hulu Plus live TV plan includes a multiple of your favorite channels from Animal Planet to Fox news we have it all for you. Love Sports or like to keep yourself updated with the daily activities then plug into this plan because we have the top sports channel, news, movies, and lots more. The best are its add-ons. Add ESPN + or Disney + with this pack at an attractive price.
  4. Hulu (no ads) + Live Tv Plan:- Hate disturbing and? then go ad-free with Hulu (no ads) + Live TV plan watch all your movies, shows, and much more. No need to wait for streaming as this plan also offers live TV streaming moreover it also provides on-demand streaming and more than 65+ channels at $ 60.99 per month.

All our plans are available on all your devices be it your Xbox, TV, Apple device, or Android phones.

By following the undermentioned steps you can change your Hulu plan anytime according to your preferences:-

  • Step 1:- sign in to your account with  Hulu’s desktop website.
  • Step 2:- In the top right corner select your account icon.
  • Step 3:- From the down menu select “Account option.”
  • Step 4:- Scroll to “Your subscription” section when a new page opens.
  • Step 5:-  Click “Manage Plan” link next to your current plan
  • Step 6:-  List of multiple plans provided by Hulu would open.
  • Step 7:- Select the slider button next to the plan which you want to choose.
  • Step 8:- Press “Review Changes” to confirm to change to a new plan.

 Enjoy your improvised Hulu plan.


Simple Steps To Fix Hulu Error Code p-dev 320

Hulu, one of the most prominent streaming service provider around you, aims to solve all your queries so that you get the finest experience with us. Error code p-dev 320 is a huddle in your path to a smooth streaming. But, not to worry anymore we are here to rescue you. Error 320 occurs when there is a communication gap between the Hulu application and Hulu server. The main reason can vary from network issues to an outdated version of the Hulu app. Here, is a full proof step by step process to get rid of error code p-dev 320:-

  1. Check the connection of your internet connection.
  2. Restart your Hulu streaming device. Sometimes you can resolve this issue just by restarting your device or network connection.

Step 1- Shut down the device.

Step 2- Unplug router and modem.

Step 3- Wait for a few minutes.

Step 4- Re-plug the devices

Hipe, the issue would be resolved.

  1. Clear Hulu Cache:- Hulu error may be caused due to a corrupt cache of your device. Easily clear the cache on your various devices-

            On Android

  • Click settings.
  • Select all apps after clicking on the app.
  • Select storage and cache.
  • Then click on clear storage and cache.

On Ios

  • Select general setting once you open the setting of your device.
  • Click on Hulu.
  • Delete and uninstall the app.
  • Reinstall it via the app store easily.

On Fire TV

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on applications.
  • Select manage installed applications.
  • Clear the Hulu Cache.
  1. Update Network Driver:- To run Hulu smoothly on your network driver updated with the latest version. You can keep a check of the latest version on network driver by simply downloading Driver Booster. Driver Booster automatically updates the network driver.

Step 1- Install Driver Booster.

Step 2- Open the application.

Step 3- Click on the scan button.

Step 4- Click on the network adaptor in the search result.

After you install the driver the error code p-dev will certainly resolve.

We hope this informative tutorial could resolve the error code p-dev effectively. We at Hulu feel happy to serve you.


How To Fix The Hulu Error 94

Hulu error usually occurs when you are using the Hulu app on your mobile, tablet, windows, Xbox one. This error depicts some kind of internet interface puzzle, affecting your video streaming. To avoid this you need to understand it’s main causes.

  1. Low internet speed is a major cause of error 94.
  2. A corrupt browser’s data causes Hulu loading errors.
  3.  The outdated version of Hulu can also cause such error because the app is not equipped with appropriate updates to ensure an uninterrupted streaming.
  4. It is also observed that enabling VPN can trigger errors on Hulu.
  5. An un-updated software version on a device affects the performance of Hulu.

Well, crushing this error is a cakewalk for users. Just by following these simple steps you can fix this issue and return back to the world of entertainment.

  1. Check internet speed:- The Hulu app would not be able to develop a stable connection in case of low internet speed. So, checking your internet connection becomes quite important. To regain a high-speed connection you can follow these steps:-
    1. Turn off the router for a minute or two
    2. Restart it and check whether the problem persists.

It is advised to keep the Hulu streaming device within wifi range.

  1. Update Hulu Application:- By not installing the latest version of Hulu can cause many troubles. Thus, it is always preferred to keep your Hulu app equipped with the latest version on all your devices.
  2. Update Software:- As mentioned earlier also an outdated software triggers errors on Hulu. So we suggest you to update the latest version of software on your devices.
  3. Refresh Your Device:- Deactivating your Hulu streaming device and then reactivating it later would refresh the Hulu Application. Hence, giving it the appropriate time to resolve error code 94. Here is a step by step tutorial to refresh your device:-
    1. Log in to the official website of Hulu.
    2.  On the top right corner of your page click the ‘block’. icon and choose the account.
    3. In the account section tap. on ‘Manage Device’.
    4. To deactivate your device you need to click ‘Remove’.
    5. You can simply reactivate. your account by logging in again to the official website of Hulu.
    6. After reactivation, you would certainly not encounter the error 94.
  4.  Clear Cache:- Clearing your browser’s history is the easiest way to fix any error on Hulu. You need to clear your cached data on any Hulu streaming device.
  5. Power-Cycle Your Device:- Power-Cycling your device is the best way to resolve the error 94. You can go through the undermentioned points to learn how to power- cycle your device quickly:-
    1. Unplug your router and Hulu streaming device.
    2. Now, keep pressing the power button of your device for 15 seconds.
    3. Release the power button.
    4. Plug your device and router again.
    5. Reconnect to Hulu and enjoy your movie, as the error would resolve.

Enjoy your favorite movie and shows with your family and friends after resolving error 94 by following these quick and easy steps.


How TO Fix Hulu Error Code 301

Our customers are the hero of our business. We improve every day to make your experience with Hulu perfect. We have reported a large number of complaints regarding the error code 301. Error code 301 occurs due to various reasons from a slow internet connection to the DNS issues.

Here are some of the reasons due to which you might observe the same error:-

  1.  Slow Internet Connection:- Internet speed is the most important tool to achieve a hassle-free streaming for your favorite shows. Hulu requires 4 MBPS to 8 MBPS internet speed for an uninterrupted streaming.
  2.  DNS Issue:- It is usually observed that the DNS system automatically detects the best configuration for a classy streaming. However, if the adaptor of DNS is unable to determine such a setting an error code 301 might occur.
  3. Date and Time:- If the date and time of your device are not set accurately then it can cause an issue in your streaming.

Here are some basic steps you can follow to resolve the error code 301 and continue to rejoice your movements with Hulu:-

  1. Restart Devices Connected With Hulu
  • Step 1- Turn off your device completely.
  • step 2- Leave it for a minute or two.
  • step 3- Switch on your device and reconnect to Hulu.
  1. Disconnect Gadgets
  •  step 1- Disconnect all unwanted gadget on the same network
  •  step 2- Ensures no unnecessary gadgets or devices are connected
  •  step 3- Check your internet connection
  •  step 4- Ensure it has at least a speed of 4 Mbps
  1. Clear Browser Data:- A corrupt browsers data can result in an error code 30.
  •  You can clear Google Chrom’s data by pressing Control + shift + Del keyboard shortcut.
  • Then select the advance tab.
  • After selecting browsing history, download history, cookies, and cached images checkboxes click the clear data button.
  1. Change DNS Settings:- To resolve the error code 301 need to change DNS settings to Google IP address
  •  Step 1- Press Windows key + R keyboard shortcut
  • Step 2- Enter ncipa.cpl in the open box and click ok to open network connection
  •  Step 3- Right-click the net connect
  •  Step 4- Select properties option
  •  Step 5- Then select internet protocol version 4
  • Step 6- A IPV4 option will open after you click the Properties button
  •  Step 7- Select the use the following DNS server address option
  •  Step 8- Enter in the preferred DNS server box and as the alternative DNS server box
  •  Step 9- Click ok button to close this Windows
  1. Check Date and Time:-
  •  Step 1- Check the date and time of your PC in the date and time setting
  •  Step 2- In case the date and time is incorrect you can manually enter your time zone
  •  Step 3- Click on the change button after entering the correct date and time.
  1. Remove Devices:-
  •  Step 1- Disconnect all unnecessary devices from your Hulu account
  •  Step 2- Login to your Hulu account
  • Step 3- Reach your device section and click manage devices
  •  Step 4- Remove devices you do not need from the list
  •  Step 5- Reconnect to Hulu

Hope all these steps would help you resolve your issue. Enjoying watching your favorite shows on Hulu.


How to watch Live TV on Hulu?

Nowadays there are plenty of online streaming services that promise the best valued content with extreme sophisticated digital watching experience; this is where Hulu stands out. Hulu with its a wide variety of plans delivers premium shows, tv series, shows, movies, and talks is a league apart in the world of online streamers.

Hulu with Live TV is one of the plans and its extension of on-going on-demand service that add live streaming tv to the mix. The biggest diversity between Hulu with Live TV and its competing services is that Hulu delivers access to a huge library of on-demand content. If you want the difference between Hulu Nowadays there are plenty of online streaming services that promise the best-valued content with extreme sophisticated digital watching experience; this is where Hulu stands out. Hulu with its a wide variety of plans delivers premium shows, tv-series, shows, movies, and talks is a league apart in the world of online streamers.

Before we move to know how to watch Live TV on Hulu, we should first know about Hulu with Live TV, so take a look here-

What Is Hulu with Live TV?

If you want to watch any on-demand content, like movies or television shows online, you need to be familiar with Hulu. The streaming service is available for a long time, and it proffers access to a massive library of on-demand shows from NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and many other networks along with premium content that you can’t get anywhere else.

Hulu with Live TV is a subscription plan that lets Hulu users gain access to live streaming tv via the same platform. This subscription plan allows you to watch live television on your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, or even on your television if it is a compatible device.

 Sign up steps for Hulu with Live TV-

Hulu sign process is extremely easy and it is even if you already created a Hulu account-

Sign Up Process for Hulu LIVE TV: First Time Users

If you haven’t created a Hulu account yet, here’s how to sign up for Hulu with Live TV-

  • Go to
  • Click start your free trial.
  • Locate the Hulu with Live TV option and click on select.
  • Click on continue with Facebook if you want to employ your Facebook login information at work to create your account. Else enter your information, complete the form, and click continue.
  • Give information about your credit card and click on submit.

Choosing a Hulu with Live TV Plan

There are two types of Hulu with Live TV plans, and both of them come with the same basic channels and most of the features are similar as well.

Hulu with Live TV plans includes-

Hulu with Live TV- It gives access to more than 50 live television channels and access to Hulu’s complete on-demand library through their limited commercials plan.

Hulu (No Commercials) with Live TV– It gives access to more than 50 live tv channels, and access to Hulu’s complete on-demand library through their no commercials plan.

You can choose your plan as per your convenience and interest.