Best Horror Movies Streaming On HBO GO

From dolls, spirits to mysteries. Here are the best horror movies you need to watch if you are addicted to horror movies. These movies are designed purely to lodge them in your brain. The best scary movies are the ones that give you a whole new set of fears that you haven’t thought of ever.

Aliens:- Aliens a classic space horror movie. Everything is cogent from its spaceships to the characters. The seven crew members of Nostromo were on their way back to earth, they received an anguished call from an aloof planet. They decided to investigate. This proved to be a terrible idea.

Annabelle Comes Home: – Annabelle Comes Home is a queer horror movie. That respects the viewer’s intelligence while delivering their petrifies. A demonic doll Annabelle, unfortunately, escaped from the secret room. She was wreaking havoc, looking for a soul to possess. The screen present would always keep you on the edge of the couch.

Happy death day:- Happy death day is a delightful horror movie directed by Christopher London. This horror movie has also proved to be a nail-biting suspense. Tree, the prevalent character is leaving no stone unturned to escape the serial killer and survive the day. Her day restarts whenever she dies. Who did it? Affect brought the biggest twist in this engaging movie.

Hostel:- Hostel a brutal and horror movie would definitely frighten you to death. This movie is able to keep up the captivating twist and turns. A group of adventurous friends planned a thrilling trip but who knew this trip would turn out to be the worst nightmare.

Shutter Island:- Shutter Island is the most well-crafted psychological thriller to come by with marvelous set pieces to woo you. It is a masterpiece of suspense. Marshall and Chunk commenced investigation on a foggy, mysterious, and on a creepy island. This movie would make your blood run cold.

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