How To Cancel Your Hulu Subscription

Hulu runs on all your devices be it your Android phone, iPhone, PlayStation, and many others. To cancel Hulu subscription you need to follow different steps on different devices. Here is a step-by-step illustration that would help you to cancel your Hulu subscription easily and anytime. You will lose access and no longer would be charged. We hope to see you soon.

On Computer

  • Step 1:-  Open a web browser
  • Step 2:- Go to
  • Step 3:– Sign in by filling all the credentials
  • Step 4:- Select your name on the right corner
  •  Step 5:- From the down menu select account
  •  Step 6:- Under your subscription menu select cancel
  • Step 7:- Another window will open where you need to provide the reason for cancellation. Select one of the bubbles.
  •  Step 8:- Then select continue to cancel.

In case of Hulu App


  • Step 1:- Select setting App
  • step 2:- Select your Apple ID
  • Step 3:- Select subscription
  • step 4:- Select Hulu under active
  • step 5:- Select cancel subscription

For Android

  • Step 1:- Open Hulu App
  • Step 2:- Login
  • Step 3:- From the bottom right corner of the screen select account 
  • Step 4:- Select update information
  • Step 5:- From the bottom of the screen select delete my account
  • Step 6:- Enter your email address
  • Step 7:- To confirm select yes, delete my account

On Web

  • Step 1:- Open on the web browser
  • Step 2:- Login from the right corner
  • Step 3:- Select your name in the top right corner
  •  Step 4:- Select account
  •  Step 5:- Select cancel after scrolling to the bottom of the screen
  • Step 6:- Provide a reason for cancellation
  • Step 7:- Select continue to cancel

On Playstation 4

  • Step 1:- On Home screen select setting
  • Step 2:- Select account management
  • Step 3:- Select account information
  • Step 4:- To manage your Hulu subscription select Playstation subscription

On iTunes

  • Step 1:- Open iTunes and select the account menu
  • Step 2:- Login to your Apple ID if prompted after selecting view my account
  • Step 3:- Scroll down to setting section, then select manage next to the subscription
  • Step 4:- Select edit next to Hulu
  • Step 5:- You will be directed to a new page where you can cancel your subscription

After canceling and deleting the account your account would remain to be activated until the current billing cycle ends. Ending your relationship with Hulu is not easy. In case you are not sure to cancel your Hulu subscription you can pause it for a period of 12 weeks and then you can reactivate your account again to watch your favorites movies and shows.

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