How TO Fix Hulu Error Code 301

Our customers are the hero of our business. We improve every day to make your experience with Hulu perfect. We have reported a large number of complaints regarding the error code 301. Error code 301 occurs due to various reasons from a slow internet connection to the DNS issues.

Here are some of the reasons due to which you might observe the same error:-

  1.  Slow Internet Connection:- Internet speed is the most important tool to achieve a hassle-free streaming for your favorite shows. Hulu requires 4 MBPS to 8 MBPS internet speed for an uninterrupted streaming.
  2.  DNS Issue:- It is usually observed that the DNS system automatically detects the best configuration for a classy streaming. However, if the adaptor of DNS is unable to determine such a setting an error code 301 might occur.
  3. Date and Time:- If the date and time of your device are not set accurately then it can cause an issue in your streaming.

Here are some basic steps you can follow to resolve the error code 301 and continue to rejoice your movements with Hulu:-

  1. Restart Devices Connected With Hulu
  • Step 1- Turn off your device completely.
  • step 2- Leave it for a minute or two.
  • step 3- Switch on your device and reconnect to Hulu.
  1. Disconnect Gadgets
  •  step 1- Disconnect all unwanted gadget on the same network
  •  step 2- Ensures no unnecessary gadgets or devices are connected
  •  step 3- Check your internet connection
  •  step 4- Ensure it has at least a speed of 4 Mbps
  1. Clear Browser Data:- A corrupt browsers data can result in an error code 30.
  •  You can clear Google Chrom’s data by pressing Control + shift + Del keyboard shortcut.
  • Then select the advance tab.
  • After selecting browsing history, download history, cookies, and cached images checkboxes click the clear data button.
  1. Change DNS Settings:- To resolve the error code 301 need to change DNS settings to Google IP address
  •  Step 1- Press Windows key + R keyboard shortcut
  • Step 2- Enter ncipa.cpl in the open box and click ok to open network connection
  •  Step 3- Right-click the net connect
  •  Step 4- Select properties option
  •  Step 5- Then select internet protocol version 4
  • Step 6- A IPV4 option will open after you click the Properties button
  •  Step 7- Select the use the following DNS server address option
  •  Step 8- Enter in the preferred DNS server box and as the alternative DNS server box
  •  Step 9- Click ok button to close this Windows
  1. Check Date and Time:-
  •  Step 1- Check the date and time of your PC in the date and time setting
  •  Step 2- In case the date and time is incorrect you can manually enter your time zone
  •  Step 3- Click on the change button after entering the correct date and time.
  1. Remove Devices:-
  •  Step 1- Disconnect all unnecessary devices from your Hulu account
  •  Step 2- Login to your Hulu account
  • Step 3- Reach your device section and click manage devices
  •  Step 4- Remove devices you do not need from the list
  •  Step 5- Reconnect to Hulu

Hope all these steps would help you resolve your issue. Enjoying watching your favorite shows on Hulu.

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